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… War Cell phones "Remember back in the days?" This is a famous quote by many of the older generations, which came before us. However, really if you think about it they are a bit spoiled; they had it much better than earlier generations. They had…
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… are required in our day to day activities to derive, analyze, evaluate and use information are currently known as Information Literacy. As the realm of information expands and increases, so does the proficiency of our skills. Information literacy is…
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… United Kingdom. It is a lushes island filled with miles of green rolling hills. It was conquered by the Celts, the dominate ethnic group in Ireland, in approximately 600 BC. Later, in 432 AD, St. Patrick arrived on the island and began converting the…
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… fee-based or commercial databases within a law library setting. The actual setting of the law library, whether it is academic or corporate, may also make a difference in whether fee-based databases prove to be advantageous. There are many advantages…
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… is used to manage one or several of the library's key functions such as acquisitions, serials control, cataloging, circulation and the public access catalog. When exploring the history of library automation, it is possible to return to past centurie…
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… library. "try to make it more personal next time" BASLER AFRIKA BIBLIOGRAPHIEN Namibia Resource Centre Southern Africa Library The Library The library's collection of books focuses primarily on southern Africa and publications originating…
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… Executive Officer. It is 6 a.m. He is ready to drive to his office but there is one more thing to do: drink up a cup of coffee while looking through the morning newspaper. He has just a couple of minutes to catch up breaking news, check the market…
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… war between the Anglo and Indian population known as "King Phillip's War," cultural and linguistic barriers between these two dominant populations of the Eastern half of the Americas were fluid rather than fixed. However, the aftermath of this war in…
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… be viewed as an enclosed system towards the rest of the country. With the beginning of the open-door policy under Deng Xiao Ping in 1979, domestic development set off like a bush fire, starting from the Guangdong Province in the 80's (Zhujiang Triangle).…
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… of Americans hear this commercial announcement emanating from their televisions each day, yet few consider the ramifications of the words. If granted five minutes of national airtime, I would urge the American public to explore the implications of…
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