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… is a large manufacturer and supplier of CD-ROMS. It was founded as a joint venture between New Era Partners and Starlight Electronics Ltd. It has enjoyed a great deal of success in the past decade, due in large part to their excellent reputation. Star…
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… the large number of product markets, buyers, suppliers and customers, which spread across the globe. As such, it has often been described as "the industry of all industries". There are various forces that influence this environment. Hence, this report…
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… of the Far East had recently announced that China was a strategic market for Microsoft. The objective of the recently appointed director of the End User Customer Unit for China and Hong Kong was to establish Chinese Windows 95, slated for release…
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… largest software company with over 50,000 employees in various countries around the world. It was started in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen to develop BASIC language interpreters for the Altair 8800 microprocessor. The BASIC language is what is called…
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… : Apple design, develop and market numerous product and service lines. They sell their products to education, consumer creative professional, business and government customers. While apple seems to display numerous products and conduct business on differ…
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… strong International sales and has seen tremendous growth over the past 20 years. They operate in more than 38 countries, and each business unit is operated as a decentralized strategic business unit. Acer's Canadian business had in the past served…
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… Motorcycle Company has travelled a somewhat rocky road to success. Saved from the brink of bankruptcy by a management buyout in 1981, Harley has succeeded in building a truly global brand that is the envy of its competitors. Faced with a…
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… consumer demands for SUV's - there seems to be an increasing demand to develop SUV's to accommodate a consumers' safety, price value, usage purpose, and luxury needs to foster the constant change in consumer tastes and preferences. In order to satisfy…
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… president of sales and marketing for power tools, Joseph Galli, must decide on a strategy, if any, to increase market share in the Professional-Tradesmen market. If a strategy is chosen to pursue an increase in market share in this market, then it must…
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… customized needs for each facility. The breadth of technologies offered by GE allows managers to select exactly what they need for each department, with across-the-board integration, giving them what they want, when they want it. As a leader in all types…
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