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Letter "Z" » Zachary Mann Quotes

«These people weren't trying to get away. They were just drifting in the water. You have a situation where you are 46 miles off shore. The sun goes down, there's no light. Something that small can be easily lost when there's no marker on it.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«We do see human body parts come in, but typically they're used for research purposes.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«Human remains that are imported for proper medical or educational purposes are required to have a death certificate. Any human body parts that are imported for religious purposes are considered restricted importations and are seized.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«Any amount is significant. It all adds to the impact of keeping illegal drugs off the street.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«U.S. Customs and Border Protection is in the process of issuing two fines to the pilot.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«A subsequent search of the private aircraft and records checks of the two individuals revealed there were no outstanding warrants or illegal contraband on board the aircraft.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«There's been no specific increased activity. We make detentions and seizures all the time.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«The FDA on occasion will find those drugs admissible for personal use or when it appears to be a personal use quantity. The issue at hand is it's illegal, and the recipient never is assured that the same quality is going to arrive at their door step or that the drugs from the same manufacturer will arrive.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«There's a long laundry list of reasons why someone would be denied entry. We don't want people assaulting police officers or the flight crew. That doesn't mean that would prevent her or anyone else from coming in.»
Author: Zachary Mann
«Best case scenario, she's admitted, she goes on about her business. It will all depend on the circumstances.»
Author: Zachary Mann

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