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Letter "J" » Joe Wineke Quotes

«Ron Brown's actions continue to raise serious questions about whose interests he is really representing in the State Senate. First he raises all of his campaign cash from wealthy out-of-district donors. Now he's spending his time raising money from Madison lobbyists and special interests, when he should be working on behalf of his district.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«Ron Brown is raising a lot of money from people with no ties to his district, and he owes his constituents an explanation. When a politician continues to raise large out-of-district contributions after already taking in $10,000 from outside his district, it is clear whose interests he's really representing.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«Michael brings a wealth of campaign and political experience to the job, and will be a great asset as we continue to build the Democratic Party for the 2006 elections and beyond. As we gear up for an important election year, Mike will be instrumental in helping us move the party forward, communicate our Democratic message to the voters, and strengthen our grassroots. I am confident that he will be a strong leader who will bring enthusiasm and energy to the job.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«Jim Sensenbrenner is once again deciding to abandon his fellow Americans in their time of need. This proposal would simply allow those citizens wiped out by Hurricane Katrina to file for bankruptcy under the old law, making it easier for these families to get back on their feet after this disaster. Apparently, Congressman Sensenbrenner doesn't think we should lend a helping hand to these families.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«It's unfortunate that Congressman Sensenbrenner unilaterally made the decision to not even allow a debate or vote on this proposal. Why should one person be able to say we're not going to allow discussion on a bill that would immensely help the victims of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their lives? Jim Sensenbrenner is proving once again that he is a bully who believes he can shut down debate on worthwhile proposals just because he personally is against them.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«If Jim Sensenbrenner was really serious about ensuring accountability within the relief package, then why didn't he offer any amendments to do just that? It's clear by his actions that Congressman Sensenbrenner didn't want to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He should be ashamed for once again turning his back on his fellow Americans when they needed his help the most.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«Only a Republican prosecutor would indict a career civil servant for pursuing a better deal for taxpayers.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«Led by a prosecutor with GOP ties, Republicans are doing their best to smear Governor Doyle, a man of utmost integrity and honesty who does not tolerate any ethical lapses in his administration.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«For years, Democrats have played defense. I want to be Brett Favre and throwing long balls and win.»
Author: Joe Wineke
«Wisconsin Democrats are focused on making life more affordable for our middle-class families, so they can pay for their health care, have a good-paying job and send their kids to college. Whether it is our schools, health care, jobs, energy costs, or the ongoing war in Iraq, one thing is clear: When it comes to these priorities, Democrats are on the side of Wisconsin families.»
Author: Joe Wineke

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