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… civilian government in a coup. While he has been criticized by some both within and outside of Pakistan for failing to restore democracy in that country, David Tahir Mehmood argues in the following viewpoint that Musharraf should instead be praised…
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… perfume manufacturer company might have claims against Green Valley Cosmetics in this matter under these possible actions. 1.<Tab/>Trade Marks Act 1995 The French company has registered its name "Fleur de Soleil" under…
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… term "business ethics" has become reliable fodder for late-night talk-show hosts in search of easy laughs. Some people wonder if being ethical these days simply means not getting caught doing something illegal. The only question seems to become "Is it…
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… EU and even Japan to pressurized China to revalue its currency had joined U.S. Recall that china received plaudits during the Asian crisis for maintaining stable exchange rate policy and avoiding competitive devaluation. Then, why Chinese currency…
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… describes and analyses Myer's generic and distinctive marketing strategies, as well as providing accurate industry, competitor, market, and SWOT analysis'. Evaluation of Myers' marketing strategy is conducted, thus analyzing the strengths and weaknesses…
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… are fairly simplistic, consisting of little more than a set of if-then statements, but provide the basis for so-called "expert systems" which are widely used in many fields. The concept of an expert system is this: the knowledge of an expert is encoded…
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… never having visited Europe before, to the best it could offer- Ireland. It did not disappoint. The scenery, the incredibly friendly people who would simply come up to us on the street and talk for ten minutes before wishing us the best on our travels,…
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… by Erica Jong exploded onto the cultural landscape (in the western world). While I never read it (except for the prurient parts), I understand it was about a woman who had a pathologic fear of flying, which she was able to overcome by engaging…
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… but a whimper." (With apologies to T S Eliot) The long-awaited change in the Chinese currency, the yuan, happened on Thursday. Not over the weekend, when all markets would have been closed, but just an hour before the US market opens. Subtle. The…
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… companies are seeing the "other income" component of their quarterly accounts bouncing around like tennis balls. This is particularly true for IT companies, whose top line has very little protection from this volatility. Equity analysts have sharpened…
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