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… Joy Luck Club <Tab/>The Joy Luck Club originally started off as a collection of intense, emotional short stories, written by Amy Tan. These twelve short stories are divided into four sections, and deal with the tensions between Chinese…
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… is a powerful novel about the Logan family and the problems and injustices that they have to face. The book is set in Mississippi in the 1930s. This is important because at the time, white people were very cruel and racist towards blacks, and sometimes…
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… in current time, the author, Linda Weltner, expresses her feelings toward the deep matter of drinking and driving. Weltner uses a reflective, disappointed tone through the use of rhetorical questions, repetition, and syntax. <Tab/>In Weltne…
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… is beginning to crack in this stressful time of his life. Tommy can be portrayed as a young boy. In the book Seize the Day by Saul Bellow, the main character, Tommy Wilhelm acts almost as a little boy would, he is unsure and seeks guidance…
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… novel. As you read more and more into the book, Bellow brings you closer and closer to Tommy Wilhelm. Wilhelm is isolated from everybody and everything, giving this book almost a "day in the life of" sort of feel to it. This book reminds me a lot…
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… To be overlooked, to be 'just one of the guys,' is a very important aspect in their lives. But for others, they simply don't know how to accept to be different. J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye is a story about one kid who is fed up with all…
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… and wisdom to be interchangeable, they are very different. Knowledge is the understanding gained through experience or study, while wisdom is the ability to use that information to suit ones' purpose. The more aware a person is, the more wise they…
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… through layers of psychological and sociological research, the author provides a new illumination of history. The rescuers testimony about the events that had taken place view their own existance and their activity as not heroic or extraordinary. &lt…
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… and the movie 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. He is a passive person, not getting into any trouble (at least that he intentionally caused), he is very religious, kind to all people, black or white, and just a good person all around. Tom has many roles as a slave.…
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… and the Pauper was a tale for young people of all ages. Primarily, it is a children's book, and the dominant themes running through the books are of childhood fairy tales: death of a parent, cruel substitute parents, abandonment, lost identity,…
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