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… The Taming of the Shrew. The audience leaves the theatre with a pleasant feeling, glad that such a shrew could be tamed so well. Kate herself realised the error of her ways, making the men feel confident while making the women feel safe. Moreover,…
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… since the early middle ages. In contemporary times, scores of authors, poets, and screen writers have used the Arthurian hero in many works. Sir Thomas Malory's Lancelot, T.H. White's Wart, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Knights of the Round…
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… Rita and explain how these are portrayed differently in the stage and screen versions of the play. Educating Rita is a play about Rita, a working class hairdresser who yearns for a change in her life and to be better educated; also it is about a dissipa…
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… butcher and his fiend-like queen'. How true is this description of Lady Macbeth and what does the character of Lady Macbeth add to Shakespeare's play? Shakespeare originally wrote 'Macbeth', for the existing king James I. The play was based on James…
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… Alienated From Society. Discuss How Their Characters Are Portrayed In both "Frankenstein" and "Of Mice and Men", there have been characters created who have been alienated from society. We can compare the characters of the creature and Lennie;…
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… can be defined as the uncertainties the reader feels about what will happen next in a story, or in this case, a play. William Shakespeare incorporated in Julius Caesar three very suspenseful events on which the whole play depends. …
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… reading the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. In this play we are introduced to the tragic story of their forbidden 'love' which ultimately leads to their deaths. Although Romeo and Juliet is considered to be a timeless love story, I…
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… King of Scotland describes Lady Macbeth as a 'fiend-like queen.' To a certain extent this judgement is true, yet Lady Macbeth has to actually evoke evil spirits to help prevent her from feeling any compassion or warmth. The evil spirits 'unsex' Lady…
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… play Hamlet, Hamlet, the tragic hero is a very well developed character. Shakespeare elucidates his strengths and weaknesses by contrasting them with those of Fortinbras, Laertes and Horatio. Whereas Fortinbras is determined, Hamlet is indecisive;…
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… Macbeth's character is one of complexity; slowly, but continuously changing throughout the play. What begins as a struggle for power and a longing to shred her femininity turns Lady Macbeth into what she fears most - a guilt ridden weakling. …
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